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Calculate 2014 Supplemental Poverty Measure
Calculate 2014 Official Poverty Measure

Step 1: What Should Be Counted Towards Income?

Market Income
Social Security
Supplemental Security Income
Unemployment Compensation
Welfare (TANF)
Veteran's Benefits
Food Stamps (SNAP)
Free/Subsidized School Lunch
Women, Infants, & Children (WIC)
Housing Subsidies (e.g. Section 8)
Home Energy Subsidies (e.g. LIHEAP)
Earned Income Tax Credit
Child Tax Credit

Step 2: What Should Be Subtracted From Income?

Federal Income Tax
Federal Payroll Tax
State Taxes
Child Support Paid
Medical Out-of-Pocket Expenses
Child Care & Work-Related Expenses

Step 3: What Poverty Line/Unit Should Be Used?

Supplemental Poverty Line
Supplemental Deep Poverty Line (50% of Supplemental Poverty Line)
Supplemental Near Poverty Line (150% of Supplemental Poverty Line)

Note: Selecting the Official Poverty Lines disables the variables that the Official Poverty Metric ignores.

Official Poverty Line
Official Deep Poverty Line (50% of Official Poverty Line)
Official Near Poverty Line (150% of Official Poverty Line)

Step 4: What Year Should the Poverty Data Come From?


Poverty Calculation

    Poverty Amount 46.657 million
    Poverty Rate 14.8%
        Poverty Amount 19.652 million
        Poverty Rate10.1%
        Poverty Share42.1%
                Poverty Amount4.679 million
                Poverty Rate12.3%
                Poverty Share10.0%
                Poverty Amount12.173 million
                Poverty Rate10.0%
                Poverty Share26.1%
                Poverty Amount2.801 million
                Poverty Rate7.8%
                Poverty Share6.0%
        Poverty Amount13.104 million
        Poverty Rate23.6%
        Poverty Share28.1%
                Poverty Amount5.745 million
                Poverty Rate31.9%
                Poverty Share12.3%
                Poverty Amount6.701 million
                Poverty Rate19.8%
                Poverty Share14.4%
                Poverty Amount0.658 million
                Poverty Rate18.1%
                Poverty Share1.4%
        Poverty Amount10.058 million
        Poverty Rate26.1%
        Poverty Share21.6%
                Poverty Amount3.782 million
                Poverty Rate37.3%
                Poverty Share8.1%
                Poverty Amount5.509 million
                Poverty Rate22.6%
                Poverty Share11.8%
                Poverty Amount0.767 million
                Poverty Rate19.1%
                Poverty Share1.6%
        Poverty Amount2.019 million
        Poverty Rate11.7%
        Poverty Share4.3%
        Poverty Amount0.938 million
        Poverty Rate16.2%
        Poverty Share2.0%
        Poverty Amount0.671 million
        Poverty Rate27.2%
        Poverty Share1.4%
    Pacific Islander
        Poverty Amount0.215 million
        Poverty Rate21.9%
        Poverty Share0.5%
        Poverty Amount25.949 million
        Poverty Rate16.1%
        Poverty Share55.6%
                Poverty Amount10.991 million
                Poverty Rate11.1%
                Poverty Share23.6%
                Poverty Amount7.084 million
                Poverty Rate25.6%
                Poverty Share15.2%
                Poverty Amount5.740 million
                Poverty Rate28.0%
                Poverty Share12.3%
        Poverty Amount20.708 million
        Poverty Rate13.4%
        Poverty Share44.4%
                Poverty Amount8.661 million
                Poverty Rate9.0%
                Poverty Share18.6%
                Poverty Amount6.020 million
                Poverty Rate21.6%
                Poverty Share12.9%
                Poverty Amount4.318 million
                Poverty Rate24.0%
                Poverty Share9.3%
        Poverty Amount15.540 million
        Poverty Rate21.1%
        Poverty Share33.3%
            Poverty Amount5.658 million
            Poverty Rate23.9%
             Poverty Share12.1%
             Poverty Amount9.882 million
             Poverty Rate19.8%
             Poverty Share21.2%
        Poverty Amount26.527 million
        Poverty Rate13.5%
        Poverty Share56.9%
            Poverty Amount5.954 million
            Poverty Rate19.8%
            Poverty Share12.8%
            Poverty Amount6.354 million
            Poverty Rate14.8%
            Poverty Share13.6%
            Poverty Amount4.918 million
            Poverty Rate12.3%
            Poverty Share10.5%
            Poverty Amount4.636 million
            Poverty Rate10.8%
            Poverty Share9.9%
        Poverty Amount4.666 million
        Poverty Rate11.5%
        Poverty Share10.0%
        Poverty Amount4.590 million
        Poverty Rate10.0%
        Poverty Share9.8%
        Poverty Amount6.446 million
        Poverty Rate21.8%
        Poverty Share13.8%
                Poverty Amount4.403 million
                Poverty Rate28.5%
                Poverty Share9.4%